VALORANT Stats – Now including Ults

April 26th
written by Barroi

With CypherCam being the first place to have VALORANT stats I wanted to give a brief overview of how it works, where the stats come from and what to expect in the future.

How does CypherCam accumulate stats?

As a lot of you know there is no API for VALORANT yet, otherwise there would be dozens of websites showing you stats already, so how does CypherCam work?
CC uses artificial intelligence to scan VoDs of VALORANT games. The AI are multiple neural networks that go over hundreds of hours of gameplay to create gamelogs for every single map and round recognizing everything that is visible on the screen. In the 2nd part of stats acquisition the gamelogs are then run through a script that takes everything that happened in the game to add to a database.
(And no, it won’t go open source for now.)

To summarize: robots spy on your games.

Stats now and in the future

All the VALORANT stats presented on this website now are still fairly basic. In the coming weeks more and more neural networks will be added to the AI to get as much info from the games as possible, but this process takes time. In the future with an API CypherCam will most likely switch to mainly API powered stats, since those are easier to accumulate.

There is one exception for this: esports. The likelyhood of an API that supports esports is low for the next few years, so selected esports tournaments will be featured on CypherCam using the AI methods. Esports is where I began and thus it will be a heavy focus of this project as well.

Aside from that you can expect CC to simply have the biggest reservoir of VALORANT stats and the best methods to explore all the numbers of the VALORANT world yourself, the ease of data exploration for users is an important part of this project. In the near future there will be stats on weapons, economy, headshots and wallbangs added to the site, so look out for more updates. You can stay up-to-date by following either Barroi or CypherCam on Twitter, or both ;).

VALORANT Ult stats

The newest addition to CC are stats on ultimate abilities. Those rely on the scoreboard being visible in VoDs, so not all recorded rounds also recorded stats on ults. But great care has been taken to make sure all the stats presented are reliable.

The new additions include stats on ult round win%, ult efficiency – a measure of round win% when ults are used vs. round win% when ults are not used. A ranking of the strongest ults in the game, ult advantage – how important is it to use more ults than the opponents. Importants of ults by attack/defense and more.

The difference between esports and non-esports performance can be quite immense for that.

VALORANT ult stats for non-esports matches

While online ranked/unrated games see a significant advantage of generally using more ults, that advantage is even greater in esports. And while there are very few examples of Omen and Viper being played in esports tournaments, if they are their ults are used for much greater effect than in non-esports games.

VALORANT ult stats for esports matches

Introducing esports

As mentioned before, esports will be a big focus of this website. You can now browse through some of the tournaments played in the last few weeks and check out stats for games that were streamed. As there are countless tournaments already CypherCam will mainly focus on recording VALORANT stats for the biggest ones.

If you are a tournament organizer and want stats for your tourney you can also reach out to me directly via Twitter or email at and we can come to an arrangement.

For now the tournaments that had stats recorded for them are the Valhalla Invitationals and NSG Opens, as well as the T1 x NSG Invitational.

The first forays into the world of VALORANT esports statistics have shown great differences between esports and non-esports games. In the more than 50hours of recorded esports matches, Sage has been picked 100% of the time! Breach also has the highest single-team round win rate (meaning only one of the two teams played him in a match).

VALORANT Agent round win rate in esports matches

Who is CypherCam?

Since this article is meant as a short introduction to the website, here a short introduction to the team. Currently CypherCam is a one-man project of Barroi, and since it’s weird to write in third person, I will go on like this. I have been around esports as a fan from the release of League of Legends and have started to work in the industry about 5 years ago. First I was a professional esports gambler winning money on League games, mainly focused on the Korean region (OGN Champions during that time). That was the only time I was truly top 3 in the world in a measurable competitive scene.

Later on I got into Overwatch. I created a website very much like this one, called Winston’s Lab, had investors (among others Trevor May, a pitcher in the MLB – he is very tall), created services for pro-teams, which were pretty successful and in the end got hired full time for a single team, thus having to shut down most of the sites services for competitive integrity reasons.

Now I am still working for that single team, Toronto Defiant, who competes in the Overwatch League, but in my free time I can do what I want as long as it doesn’t hurt the org, so here we are. I had some time off and decided to create some stats for VALORANT – new worlds of stats to explore always excite me. I don’t plan to quit my job, CC is merely a side project, but one I enjoy working on nonetheless, and apparently I was once more the first person in the world to create a stats site for a new game, so I guess it’s not a total waste of time.

If you want to read more about me, there is a very recent interview I did with ggrecon and one from one and a half years ago with the Washington Post.

Lastly, I just want to say that I feel very honored to be able to work in this industry, I made a lot of friends over the years, some of which I looked up to when I was just a simple pleb myself. If you ever have recommendations for stats or want advise or just talk feel free to reach out, I always have an open ear. ^^


Barroi is the founder and owner of CypherCam, he commands the robots. He is also a coach and analyst for Toronto Defiant, who competes in the Overwatch League, so cheer them on!