How does CypherCam work?

Cypher Cam uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to scan videos of Valorant games played by twitch streamers or random volunteers.
With the help of AI, a game log is created. In the second phase of processing, a 900IQ script takes the game log and produces next-level statistics out of it, only found on
In the future we hope that API access replaces the first part of this process, since it limits the amount of data available, but for now we welcome our AI overlords.
We pride ourselves at being the first to create new insightful stats that make you look at the game from a different perspective.

Our Team

Cypher Cam is currently a solo project by Dennis "Barroi" Matz
Barroi is an assistant coach and analyst of Toronto Defiant, an esports team that is part of the Overwatch League.
Additionally he is known for founding Winston's Lab, for many years the only bastion for Overwatch esports statsitics and birthplace to most of the stats now frequently seen on OWL broadcasts.
Barroi is also responsible for all the statistics and rating systems seen on CC, he really loves numbers. If there is any misinformation or bug on the website it is probably his fault.

Dennis 'Barroi' Matz